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If you want to absorb more of the wealth of fascinating villages, beautiful churches and historic monuments, a car is what you need. After all it offers you the convenience and freedom to go anywhere you please. In Cyprus driving is easy and safe.

Basic Driving Tips.
To be able to drive in Cyprus you must hold either a valid international driving license or your national driving license, provided it is valid for the class of vehicle you wish to drive. Drivers must be over 25 years old, however, if you are 21, you can hire a car providing you have held your license for over 3 years.

- Always keep your driving license, insurance papers and car hire contract with you.
- Driving is on the left hand side of the road
- International road traffic signs are in English and are placed on the left hand side of the roads and highways.- Obey speed limits
- These are posted in kilometers
- Petrol is available even after closing time as most petrol station are equipped with automatic petrol pumps.
- The use of both front and rear seatbelts is compulsory and use of mobile phones without hands-free is strictly prohibited.


Car Hire - Important to know!!

Self drive car rental firm have offices in all resorts.
- Rates vary according to the rental period, season of the year and extras.
- Unlimited mileage.

- By booking through ARGONAFTIS tours, the vehicles can be delivered to your hotel.
They are delivered with full tank of fuel.

- In the event of an accident you must call the police to the scene and ARGONAFTIS tours immediately.

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Bitter Lemon - Kerynia

Our morning drive towards Nicosia, the Island’s Capital, brings us to the “Green Line,” the political divider between the Republic of Cyprus and the Northern Region of the Island - an area occupied by Turkey since 1974. 

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