Famagusta - Salamis and Environs

Since the Turkish invasion of 1974, Famagusta has stood still. This full day excursion gives you a chance to view the abandoned town.

You will also have the opportunity to explore one of Famagusta’s hidden treasures – Salamis. It’s an ancient city one square mile spreading along the shore with an amazing amphitheatre and gymnasium.

Your guide will tell you all the interesting facts and tales of this area.

The town of Famagusta with its superb Venetian architecture, famous “fence-surrounded” 1970s Hotel District and the town’s unique story in Cypriot modern history.

During this fairly relaxing day we shall explore Hellenistic theatres, Roman Colonnades, Medieval Walls and the spectacular Gothic Cathedral of St. Nicholas, now operating as a Mosque. See the famous ‘Othello’s Tower’, stroll through narrow streets, shop in the Bazaar, and enjoy quality time on one of the best sandy beaches in the Mediterranean!

There will be lots of free time for personal explorations.

Your excursion is inclusive of:

- Full day guided excursion to north Cyprus.
- All entrance fees.
- Cross the UN Buffer zone.
- Additional stops & free time.
- Fully insured and licensed vehicles to cross the UN Buffer Zone.
- Visit Salamis, Famagusta Town & Othello Tower

Please don’t forget to bring your Passport!

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